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  • Rhenus Offshore Basis

OffshoreBase Cuxhaven

Cuxport is getting ready to support the windenergy needs of the future. The commencement of an ambitious entension project, together with the new heavy load platform for the transhipment of wind power plants, already today sends a fresh wind blowing through our terminals.

Cuxport provides services for the OffshoreBase Cuxhaven.

The latter combines the functions of a production site, a support point and a testing area for offshore wind energy systems.

Cuxport is extending its facilities accordingly in order to meet the needs of the future. The heavy load berth has been specially designed to cope with extreme stresses from foundation sections or generators.

A new berth for ships  of up to 290metres in length including adjacent hinterland area is currently in planning.

By 2017 this will increase Cuxport's facilities still further, with the addition of another 85,000 square metres of warehousing, storage and production space.

Specialist for wind energy plants

  • Port of heavy lift operation with special offshore platform at a deep water berth
  • Special cranes available for the setting up of wind energy plants
  • Heavy load berth, with vehicle access
  • Handling capacity up to approx. 1,500 tons of wind energy installations
  • Comprehensive heavy load expertise and equipment
  • Short sea crossing to the offshore fields in the German Bight
  • Demand-oriented storage of wind turbine components on further 100,000m² heavy weight areas possible

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