Logistics solutions for paper, steel and timber

Break bulk cargo, such as steel or forest products, requires specialised handling and storage. On its terminal, Cuxport maintains modern, professional equipment to take care of these products carefully between the modes of transport rail, road and sea.


Roofed transshipment and warehouse

At the Cuxport terminal, a 10,000 square metre warehouse provides storage and handling for water-sensitive break bulk cargo like paper reels, timber boards, steel plates and coils. Especially the 5,500 square metres of covered rail tracks and the cargo lashing allow low-risk cargo transshipment between rail wagons and rolltrailers. The roofed transshipment of break bulk from rail wagons directly onto Mafi and the high tonnage rolltrailer utilisation (up to 100 tons) offer customers a cost-efficient alternative to trailer operation to/from the UK.

Steel products

Cuxport has the facilities to handle and store all kinds of steel and forest products professionally, employing our years of experience as well as our highly specialised cargo handling equipment.

Forklifts capable of handling loads of up to 33 tons, fitted with special accessory equipment, provide a basis for the careful and professional handling of your products.


The successful partnership between Transa Spedition (Deutsche Bahn Group), DFDS and Cuxport that operates under the name “RailRoCargo” has been in existence for more than 25 years. This system offers break bulk door-to-door transport from the European continent to the United Kingdom, Estonia and Finland by using open and covered rail wagons to Cuxhaven.

Paper and forest products

Cuxport is optimally equipped for the handling of forest products such as paper rolls or medium-density fibre boards (MDF boards). These can be unloaded, loaded and stored independently of external weather conditions in our hall storage facility.

Our special forklifts are capable of handling forest products, including brackets (up to eight tons per payload and rolls calibre ranging from 80 to 150 centimetres) with due care.

So-called “WISA” awnings are used on Mafi trailers to ensure dry loading and unloading of the paper rolls onto and from the vessels. As a result, Cuxport is an expert handling centre for paper, laminates and similar sensitive products.

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