RoRo transshipment at Cuxport

RoRo (roll-on / roll-off) is the most efficient cargo transshipment type: low risk and at a competitive cost level. At Cuxport, RoRo is the most used cargo movement system via two adjustable stern ramps or two quay cuttings for quarter ramp vessels in the deep-sea trade.


Modern equipment and IT systems

We continuously improve our high service level for the handling of RoRo cargo by investing in modern cargo handling equipment and an IT-based management system. This also includes ongoing process improvements and the deployment of state-of-the-art IT systems for real-time control of all cargo movements. At Cuxport, RoRo includes the cargo movement of all types of wheeled or tracked vehicles, rolltrailer and trailer operations, driver-accompanied trailers and occasionally even high and heavy goods via SPMT.

Cuxport offers first-class and highly efficient facilities for forwarding your goods. The transshipment of wheeled cargo with weights of up to 250 tons takes place at RoRo berths with a water depth of up to 13,50 metres, which are not affected by the tide and do not have locks. Flexible working hours and convenient truck access ensure a fast turnaround time for vessels and rolling cargo.

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